America Driving School
August 19, 2010
Ms. Eliana and Mr. Eduardo,

Thank you for helping me pass my driverís test. I took my test on July 28 and passed it. I appreciate all the tips and lessons you showed and taught me. Once again, thank you.

Kathryn Romo

July 14, 2010
Dear Ms. Jennifer (the instructor),

Do you remember me? I am from Sonoma, Irvine and very happy to let you know that I got my 1st driving license. I want to say thank you so much again for your teaching. I hope I will be a good and safe driver.
Have a good day!

Carmen Leung

February 04, 2006
Dear Ed,

I want to thank you for all the help you gave me to be a better driver. By some miracle, I passed the test. Now I have two more years to drive. I much appreciate your help.

Betty Brimm

Monday, November 14, 2005

RE: Thank you!
I think he (Robert) was the greatest, my daughter really felt at ease with him. I got into the car with her and made her a nervous wreck. One of our friends is going to take it upon himself to work with her. Again, thank you for sending us someone so nice and knowledgeable on driving. Robert was really the first person she had ever driven with..
Believe me; I will give your company to anyone who needs driving lessons.

Thanks again,
Cyndi Antonucci

September 9, 2005
Dear Oscar:

I want to convey my sincere thanks to you, Eliana, Ed and Robert for the professional and personal attention given to me during the driving course I took with your school (America Driving School).
Prior to coming to your school, I went to ---------- ------- School (out of courtesy schools name withheld) and the driving lessons consisted to driving 2 miles north,2 blocks west and 4 blocks east of my house. John, the instructor, promised me that I would be driving in Irvine and he never took me to Irvine to practice there. When I took the test in Irvine, I failed the test mainly because I was not acquainted with the area.
With your school, I was driving on all freeways namely 57,22,91,55 and 5 and the Irvine area, so I was well prepared and well acquainted with the Irvine and adjacent area for the test. On September 8, 2005, I took the driving test in Irvine and passed the test thanks mainly to Robert.
I will recommend America Driving School to all who may need to take a driving course. Thanks to your school and keeping my cool and following your instructions, I will be getting my driver's license back next week.
My wife and I thank you a million times over. YOU ARE THE BEST.


May 4, 2005
Dear Mr. Montalvo:

I want to thank you very much for the effort and the good heart you shared with me. As you know, I had a stroke many years ago and lost my driver license. I'm grateful on the day I entered your office and I found compassion and dedication in all the people that helped me. I want to let you know I received my Driver License on my Birthday. I am driving a car that is specially equipped for me. I want to let you know my life has come together. I joined a gym and rejoined a golf club. I am driving everywhere and I am happy with my new life. I am still fighting to get all my health back, but I am a fighter and I won't stop. If at any time, you would like my reference to other customers, please count with my testimony.
Thank you for your help and your love,

Patricia Hare

April 08, 2005
Dear Mr. Montalvo:

I want to thank you for your help in my getting my driving license back.
I appreciate your exceptional patience and kindness, as well as your knowledge of the likely driving test I would face.
Without your help I would not be driving today.

With my very best wishes,
Herb Livingston

January 17, 2001
Dear Oscar,

I wanted to thank-you for sending me a refund being that my son Aaron Clark was unable to finish his behind the wheel lessons. He moved to Utah to live with his mother, which is the reason he did not finish his training. I appreciate your understanding with regards to this situation. It is nice to do business with a company like yours that operates with integrity and I would feel good recommending your company to anyone needing driving training. I am the manager at Crevier Sales and Leasing and Creavier BMW in Santa Ana and I have worked here for the past twenty-one years. I sell and lease all makes of cars and trucks. Please feel free to call me if I can ever be of assistance to you and will do my best to give you the same high quality service that I received from your company.

Tom Clark

Aug 31, 1996
Dear Mr. Montalvo:

Attached is our check for $100.00 to cover the remaining two classes Jason needed to complete his behind-the-wheel training program. As we discussed, he received his first 2-hour class through the Teen Driving Academy (certificate of proof is attached). Unfortunately they lost two of his instructors-one right after another-and ended up so short handed that they could not complete his training before school started as we originally planned. We are grateful to you for taking him on such short notice so that he might complete the last 4 hours of training before school starts.
Thank you for all your help. We will be sure to recommend your school to others.

Diana Midyett

To whom it may concern:

I would like to take a few moments to comment on two of your instructors. First of all let me start by telling you about my daughter Laura. I tried teaching her to drive, and at the end of each lesson, which only lasted around 15 minutes each, we were at each others throats or not speaking at all. Now after only 4 lessons with Oscar & George she is self confident & happy.
I would like to thank you & your instructors for their patience & understanding.

Yours Truly,
Ritta Barrera

To Oscar, Thanks for helping Beena through this Driving Lessons. Have a Great 1995 and the years ahead. Thanks again.

The Veaugopalar Family

Dear Mr. Montalvo,
Pursuing to our telephone conversation on Dec 14, 1994, I just like to say "Thank you" again for your extraordinary customer service. This is a truly heart felt thanks. You didn't even have to help me on locating my daughter's driving instructor, but you went out of your way to search for the information that I needed. I can't tell you how much I truly appreciated your help.

Thanks very much again!
P.S. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! God Bless! (Parent had called us thinking that her daughter had enrolled at America Driving School and could not recall the driving school she had enrolled in so we went out of our way to call a few local driving schools to locate the instructorís name her daughter was assigned to.)

Teresa Stein
A Very Satisfied Customer.